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April 3, 2012

Harassment suit filed by Employees against Floyd Starnes, Kemp Mill Elementary School Principal in Montgomery County, Maryland and the Montgomery County Board of Education

In the spring of 2007, Mr. Floyd Starnes was hired to fill the Principal position at Kemp Mill Elementary School in Montgomery County, Maryland. Since then 6 school employees have filed a suit against him and the Montgomery County Board of Education in the Montgomery County Circuit Court for harassment.

Principal Floyd Starnes is being accused, by 6 current and former employees at Kemp Mill Elementary School, of not only inappropriate touching but verbal abuse and also for failure to report suspected child abuse cases and bullying.

The interesting issue is that this is not the first time this kind of complaint has been made against Principal Starnes. Montgomery County Education Association President, Doug Prouty, acknowledged that representatives have made various visits to the school since Principal Starnes was hired in 2007 but that no charges have been made against Principal Starnes.

A climate survey is taken yearly at all Montgomery County Public Schools in which teachers and other employees give their opinion on whether they would consider their school as having a positive work environment and since the hiring of Principal Starnes the survey results have dropped. Before Principal Starnes was hired, the results of the yearly climate survey were that all survey takers (100 percent of those surveyed) at Kemp Mill Elementary found the school to have an almost perfect and positive working environment and since his arrival it has dropped significantly to only 10 percent.

The Plaintiffs in this suit are seeking monetary damages and the immediate termination of employment of Principal Starnes.