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Ways for Drivers, Pedestrians and Children to Stay Safe This Halloween

Tips to keep your children safe while Trick-or-Treating this Halloween:
• Children should always be accompanied by adults and older kids should travel in groups.
• All traffic laws should be followed. Whenever possible walk on sidewalks and make sure and cross at crosswalks and/or corners.
• Wait outside homes for treats. Never allow your child to enter someone’s home or vehicle.
• Also Trick-or-Treat in your own neighborhood, as you are more familiar with the area and your neighbors.
• Make sure your children’s costumes fit properly. Masks must have large holes for eyes. Children should carry flashlights so they do not fall or trip in the dark.

Tips for Drivers while Children Trick-or-Treat this Halloween:
• Maryland law requires all drivers to stop for pedestrians at marked crosswalks and intersections, so stop for pedestrians.
• Obey the speed limit.
• Be more cautious between 4pm and 9pm tonight, as that is the time most children are out on the streets trick-or-treating.
• Slowly enter and exit driveways and parking spots.